Wednesday, March 6, 2013


There’s nothing better than having a “To Do” list of fine black men for the day. Waking up and knowing that all I’ll be doing all day long is licking, sucking, fucking and cumming sure puts a wicked ass smile on my face.

(Note: I have given all of my fuckbuddies names from mythology to protect their, and my, identity. So no, I didn’t fuck Pluto. But I probably would…)

Noon is my first date and I have to be up by at least ten to get prepared. Shaving, primping and hydrating for the day is essential. Passing out from dehydration, while riding a nice big cock, is not so sexy.

Dressed in one of my sluttiest dresses, that’s nothing but black horizontal strips of fabric covering just the right spots with a sheer black panel down the front and black sheer stockings, I drive to the hotel where Pluto is staying.

I’m wearing a long black coat over my sluttiness, but I still get looks from everyone as I pass. I wonder what exactly they’re thinking, whether they can tell that I’m about to get fucked or if they wonder if I’m getting paid for it. Either way, I walk right on past like I own the place and head straight for the elevators. Maybe sneak a peek and wink at whoever might still be watching.

I find my way to his room and knock. I can hear scrambling behind the door and I smile to myself at his anxiousness. He opens the door, welcoming me in and we go through the usual, “How are you? Blah blah blah,” as I casually set out condoms, lube and press the record button on my phone. I love listening, along with my hubby, to the sounds of myself being fucked, at the end of the day. We both get so hot and bothered listening to my moans and the slapping of flesh on flesh as my fuckbuddies pound me repeatedly. It really works hubby up, until he feeds me his cock and has to beat my pussy into submission too. Oh gawd, I can never get enough of my man.

Anyhow, it always starts with kissing. I love kissing. You can always tell who’s a good lover by the way they kiss. I’ve been kissed by what reminded me of a turtle; no lips and a constant, rhythmic open-close-open-close. I was afraid I’d lose my tongue at one point. Then there’s the St. Bernard kiss that’s all tongue and slop. Leaves me to think I need to run a squeegee down the front of my face and neck.

Pluto is a good kisser, thank gawd! We kiss as he undoes his belt, while I work on his shirt. I barely have time to remove it when he pushes me on the bed and spreads my legs. Kissing down my thighs he finds my clit and begins to suck on it gently. While he’s licking and sucking for what seems like a lifetime I easily cum, exploding in my first orgasm.

Now I feel the drive within me, a need that is all my own and I can’t wait any longer. I have to suck dick. I take his cock in my mouth and suck like I’ve got something to prove. I lick his balls and slowly suck one at a time as I make eye contact with him. They always love eye contact when their cock is in your mouth. He moans as I do so and I can feel his cock growing even harder than it already is.

As I’m on my knees he reaches down to finger me. First he inserts one, then two fingers, as I grab and gently tug on both my nipples. I cum again, except this time I squirt onto the floor.

Pulling me up onto the bed, he bends me over and spanks my ass three times while tickling my clit in between spankings. I roll over to expose my pussy and he immediately starts to eat me. I cum again, squirting all over the bed as he gently starts to finger my ass. His fingers slide easily into my ass as I’m so wet I’m dripping with natural lube.

I can’t take anymore. I have to feel his hot cum, and I want it on my face. Yes, I’m THAT girl. I actually want facials. I tell him to stand up so I can have more of his cock in my mouth and suck it until I can feel it hitting the back of my throat. I moan, begging him to cum on my face and tits and almost immediately he does. He cums so hard and so much that his hot sperm is all over my face and chest. It’s so hot and it smells sweet but salty as I rub it across my nipples and play with it. It’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun without actually fucking. We take a few pictures, texting some to hubby so he can see his whore covered in another man’s sticky cum, before I clean up and get ready for my next date, only a half hour later.

Hermes is fun. He can be shy but once you get him going he’s a steam engine, ever ready to blow. He’s straight to the point, which is always good when you’ve got a lineup of eager men ready to fuck. A slut can’t be wasting her time when she’s got fucking to do!

When I get there he tells me to come around the back and to walk in. He’s in the shower as I take off my coat. He peeks at me through the shower curtain and exclaims, “Holy shit!” I always like that response. It takes a lot of work to look this cheap! And hot! He quickly dries off and pulls me into the bedroom, where we begin to kiss as he gropes my breasts and pulls at the hem of my dress. Stripping me down he spreads my legs as far as they can go and hungrily licks and sucks me into orgasm before he crawls on top of me. I roll us both over as he reaches for the condom. With one practiced move he puts it on as I mount him, sliding my dripping pussy down the length of his cock onto his body.

We fuck and suck and fuck, and fuck some more, as the time wears down. I look at the clock and begin to feel a different kind of hunger coming on and realize I’ve had nothing to eat today but cock. Even I can’t live on cock and cum alone, though I’d certainly be willing to try…

He looks like he could pass out at any moment as I go to the bathroom to clean up again and prep for my next date. I leave him sprawled naked on the bed as I make my way down the stairs to my car. Starving, I grab the closest fast food I can find, which just so happens to be Taco Bell. Scarfing down my only tacos for the day, I finally hear back from my last cock of the day that he would love to see me in an hour and a half. Ugh! I want to fuck, now!

So, what’s a slut to do for an hour and a half? SLUTSHOPPING! I run around the mall gathering up all colors and designs of stockings and matching sexy slut dresses. I try on all kinds of hot shoes while flashing a little tit here and there as I bend over. Yes, I really do this. Believe me or not, but I am living out my sluttiest fantasies, and this is my life. Before I know it, it’s 5:00PM and I get to go get fucked again!

I meet Hades at his door and slowly take my coat off while I stare him directly in the eyes. He has a big smile on his face that grows like the Cheshire cat as my coat falls to the floor. My nose is full of the smell of weed. I hope to over power this with the smell of sex and latex as I walk into the bedroom, sit on the edge of the bed and slowly uncross my legs exposing my now throbbing clit. He just stares at me for a bit, taking it all in, until he slowly crosses the room to taste what’s been laid out before him. While he sucks and licks expertly away I decide before I cum that I want cock in my mouth. Now.  I move forward off the bed until I’m eye level with his black cock. I take it in my hands and begin to pump his shaft while licking the head with my tongue, using my abundant skills as a cockslut to bring him fully hard.

I was working downward to suck on his balls when he apparently had enough and ripped open the condom in his hand. I obediently climbed back on the bed as he took my wrists, placing them above my head, and entered me and began pumping away at me. We move into position after position and I cum again and again, soaking his sheets, bed and floor. I pumped his cock while I rimmed his ass for a bit before he said that he needed to taste me again, so I climb on top of him and slide my thighs over his face and lean down to suck his cock. Rolling me over, he then tells me to get on my knees while he watches me masturbate. Of course I always do as I’m told, so I obediently finger my well fucked, still dripping pussy for him and before I know it, he’s licking my ass as he strokes his cock. This sends me into overdrive and I cum really, really hard, squirting all over his face. He seems to love it as he buries his face deeper into my ass, using his tongue to fuck my asshole.

After several of my own orgasms hit me, he tells me he’s about to cum and I quickly turn to welcome his fuck juice on my face and body. His cum is dripping off my lips and cheeks and I smile for the camera again, of course remembering to send one to my hubby to see what a good, nasty slut I’ve been today. I love teasing him, and receiving the pounding I deserve from his cock when I get home.

Sadly, my last fuckdate of the night bailed on me, so this was the end of my fuckday. I had been looking forward to getting just one more dick inside me, but it was not to be. Everything’s okay though, because I have big plans soon! I am on vacation this coming week and hubby has surprised me with my own fuckcation in another city with my favorite fuckbuddy! He got me train tickets and a hotel room so that I can spend two nights doing nothing but taking black cock in my pussy and mouth over and over and over again. I’m so excited! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Not me, but this is what I've been in a hotel room doing (or more accurately, having done to me) this week. I text Hubby after every fuck so he knows that his slutty wife is being a dirty little fuckwhore and getting her pussy filled with hot, black cock, again and again and again! I even sent him video of me sucking black dick today! I love being a whore!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Master's Letter

My instructions were to read this letter and if I agreed to these terms I am to record myself reading the letter aloud while I masturbate:
“It is my wish to fully submit myself to being the sexual slave of my Master and to do as he commands at all times. I do this freely and with full knowledge that by doing so my body fully belongs to him, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. I vow to use my mouth, my pussy, my tits, my ass and my abundant skills as a truly dirty whore to please my Master and anyone he chooses to use me. I will not refuse him and I vow to obediently do as he commands whenever, wherever and with whomever I am instructed to. My Master will also have full control over what I am to wear, or not to wear, and I am to please him in this way as I enjoy looking like the whore that I am and knowing that everyone I encounter will see my exposed body and know that I am a whore who enjoys fucking strangers and am always available and hoping to be fucked. I understand that I may politely ask my Master’s permission to decline commands at any time, and that he will consider my request, but I will obey his commands should he still order me to, as is his rightful choice. I vow to also obey those whom he commands me to obey as if they were him and to use my body and my skills as a whore to please them as I would my Master. If at any time I should refuse my Master and not follow his commands, then I understand that I will cease to be his sexual slave who exists for the purpose of being fucked above all other activities, I vow to do all that I can to get myself fucked as often, and by as many people, as is possible and hope to maintain a goal of being fucked at least every other day. I will regularly contact those whom I know to enjoy using my pussy and will make plans to be fucked by them whenever possible and will also make it clear to them that I am available for them to summon at any time should they desire to fuck me. I also will not limit myself in how many times I am fucked in a day, even when that means going immediately from getting fucked to get fucked again by someone else, as a whore like myself would never decline an opportunity to be fucked. From now until such times as I refuse to obey or my Master ends this activity; I vow to do these things to the best of my abilities and with my full enthusiasm.”

….and then I came.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Game on...

This is crazy, yes? A happily married wife who loves to get fucked by men other than her husband? (Though he does fuck me extremely well…) A woman who goes to work everyday, comes home to cook for her husband like the gay (pun intended) little wife she is on the weekdays, then spends the weekends fucking as many men (and a few lucky women) as possible, recording these encounters to tease her husband with later? Well, if that’s crazy then bring on the straight jacket! And maybe some handcuffs and a blindfold too. ;)
I’m starting this little blog to share my hot adventures of being a sexy bi slutwife after agreeing to be my Hubby’s (aka Master) sex slave. We’ve both cum to realize how much he enjoys being my Master, as well as how much I enjoy being his slave. Some people enjoy long walks on the beach or candlelit dinners; my husband enjoys watching his little pornstar getting fucked! Which is great as I just enjoy getting fucked!
From time to time I’ll be sharing scenes from my day (and some of my wild, naughty nights) pictures and videos of things that turn me on or things I plan to act out with one, or five, of my awesomely hot fuck buddies. Yes, I have many fuck buddies and they are rated by fuckability and prowess. All names have been changed, not to protect the innocent, but because I’m not sharing my prized cocks.